Our technology has made practice building so easy!

You are about to see why hundreds of offices have chosen our technology and several Dental Management Consultants are recommending it to their clients.

Having a custom-made to your office Slide Presentation is the perfect way to separate it from the competition. In 2.4 minutes, potential patients will be able to perfectly learn all about the services you offer right on their cell phone. Not only will they be able to make an informed decision, they will be able to easily "forward" it to even more potential patients.

Dental e-Brochure™

Having a custom-made to your office e-Brochure is another way to put your office ahead of the competition. While on their cell phone, in less than a minute potential patients will be able to learn all about the services you offer. They will be able to view your online patient reviews,  video's, even download your patient history forms. They can then easily "forward" your e-Brochure to even more potential patients.

Practice Building Has Never Been Easier.

Generating Referrals


Ask patients that just completed their treatment to"forward" your e-Brochure or Side Presentation to potential patients.

Generating More Referrals


Twice a year email them to all your patients and ask them to "forward" it to potential patients.

Attracting Local Patients


Every month email them to 5 local businesses along with a Special Offer for all their employees.

Impressing New Patients


Send them to new patients prior to their 1st visit along with the time and date of their appointment.

Improving Your Social Media


Upload them to your Social Media several times a year and ask your staff and patients to upload them to theirs.

Improving Your Website


Having your website developer link them to your website will make it more personalized.

To help you produce even more dentistry, we will will custom-produce a 5-Minute SMILE Video for your office. You can play it in a continuous loop in your reception area, even in your front office window. It will also remind your patients to tell their friends all about the different services you provide.



The total cost for all 3 is just $495.00.

  • Yours to use as often as you like
  • There's no ongoing monthly fees
  • Future upgrades will be cost-free

Getting started is so easy...


There's no agreement or contract. Simply provide us with a 50% deposit and within 48 hours preliminary versions will be available for you to review.  After reviewing the final versions and you are not completely satisfied we will immediately send you a total refund.

858-354-7966 (PST)


Just a few of our extremely happy clients...


Joanne Tanner, Dental Management Consultant

 "I have been referring my clients to Kirk’s company for years. Their dental marketing technology has helped them achieve terrific marketing success. I highly recommend their latest technology, it's an amazing way to grow your practice.”  

Dr. Clifford Degal, Astoria Dental Group

 “I can’t say enough about Kirk and his team. For years they have been on the leading-edge of dental practice building. The programs they developed for my office have paid for themselves hundreds of times over.”  

Steven Feit, DDS, Prosthodontist

 “Kirk’s company should be entered into the Dental Marketing Hall of Fame. What they have brought to the dental world has been amazing."  

Stacie Calian, DDS Westchester Smile Design

 “Over the years I have tried several ways to grow my practice. None of them even came close to what Kirk’s company has achieved.”  

Glen Goldstein, DDS Randolph Dental Care

 “Having spent thousands of dollars on outside marketing with very little success, I was referred to Kirk’s company. Their marketing programs have been absolutely amazing.” 

Lets get started today...

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